Getting Into The Heads Of Scientific Greats

Getting Into The Heads Of Scientific Greats

French illustrator Sam Falconer has created a series of illustrations featuring 12 great scientists and what’s going on inside their genius brains. Through these illustrations, we are able to capture every detail executed by Falconer using digital art, unfolding the life and achievements of these 12 great scientists. There is Darwin with the evolutionary theory, Einstein with theory of relativity, Alan Turing with the Turing machine etc. Let us get into the heads of these scientific greats through Sam Falconer’s illustration below.

1. Albert Einsteinscientific_greats_inhideout_cecilie_albert_einstein_12

2. Charles Darwinscientific_greats_inhideout_charles_darwin_08

3. Richard Feynman scientific_greats_inhideout_richard_feynman_05

4. Marie Curiescientific_greats_inhideout_marie_curie_03

5. Marie Tharpscientific_greats_inhideout_marie_tharp_06

6. Isaac Newtonscientific_greats_inhideout_isaac_newton_10

7. Jane Goodallscientific_greats_inhideout_jane_goodall_02

8. Rosalind Franklinscientific_greats_inhideout_rosalind_franklin_04

9. Nicolaus Copernicus scientific_greats_inhideout_nicolaus_copernicus_09

10. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkinscientific_greats_inhideout_cecilie_payne_gaposchkin_11

11. Carl Sagan scientific_greats_inhideout_carl_sagan_01

12. Alan Turingscientific_greats_inhideout_alan_turing_07

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