SLUT is an illustration project started by a Malaysian illustrator Guanyinma. The word ‘SLUT ‘ has always conveyed a negative message to the public, but it represents a relatively significant meaning for the illustrator herself. The project has an aim to encourage people to be genuine, and to have the courage for loving who you are, basically to release yourself and be yourself. Through Guanyinma‘s works, we could see that she is able to demonstrate various themes and concepts by using a short and simple slogan, as well as illustrations which show a strong characteristic respectively. SLUT might not be accepted by most conservative people, however it is undeniable that these illustrations are capable of delivering positive messages for the people.

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Let us now get more insights about SLUT through an interview below.


Guanyinma is such a special name, how did you come across this name?

There isn’t any particular reason for this name, personally I found it a bit strange that people are always asking about this. It is the same when people name themselves Lisa, Janice or Jack, I just wanted it to be special, a name which everyone easily remembers. (Haha!)

So what about SLUT?

“SLUT” is special. It may seem like a word of negative expression, but it has a rather significant meaning for me. I want to encourage people to be themselves, to be genuine, and to have the courage for loving who you are.

Are you working as a full-time illustrator at the moment?

No, I am currently working full-time at the Dasein Academy College to teach an illustration course.

Is there a particular work which leaves a strong impression for yourself? 

Not really, but the earlier work of the “Slogan” project is rather special for me. This is because at that time, I was mentored by a senior and he has given me advices and pointed me towards the right direction in terms of creating art. Since then, I had more confidence to continue my journey as an illustrator.

So where do you normally get your inspiration for creating art?

My inspiration usually comes within myself, perhaps I am too egocentric. I do find it hard to explain the source of inspiration in words. However, I believe my life attitude has helped me a lot though.

What is your motto for creating art?

Style is a reenactment of your attitude and your personality.

Some people might not always agree to and understand your work. How would you answer them? 

I would be glad to listen to and to accept people’s opinions, but I don’t have to change my style of work just because they don’t like it. Style will change, only comes with the change within the illustrator himself as he grows to become a more mature artist.

Lastly, is there any words of encouragement for your fellow illustrators or friends who are interested in becoming one?

Well, I can only share my experiences being an illustrator. I think that as an artist, we should not underestimate our power to create or produce art, though our work might seem useless for some people, but what matters most is doing what you love. Each of us is special and unique.


To know more about SLUT‘s illustrations, please follow the official FB page or her Instagram. Now, let us enjoy more of these original art work by Guanyinma.

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