A Magical ‘Garden of Whispers’ Within A French Gothic Church

A Magical 'Garden of Whispers' Within A French Gothic Church

hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_02Artist Hans Op de Beeck has created a sculptural installation named “The Garden of Whispers” by staging an immersive and fictional environment within the Gothic Church of the Jacobins in Toulouse. Visitors will walk on a makeshift wooden pathway through the “vast, inner expanse of the 13th century brick edifice, snaking through large dunes of sand, bare tree branches, simple strands of light, and a full-scale campsite.” The magical and mysterious ambiance will prompt visitors to introspectively reflect on the scenes around them. The artist has incorporated a range of historical, religious and mythological references into ‘The Garden of Whispers’, turning it into an ‘emotion-oriented courtyard’.

hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_01 hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_03 hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_04 hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_06 hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_07 hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_08 hans_op_de_beeck_magical_garden_of_whispers_inhideout_09

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