A Table That Lets You “Burn” Money For Warmth

A Table That Lets You “Burn” Money For Warmth

Thanks to Alejandro Monge, you can now burn money for warmth, literally. In collaboration with Amarist Studio, they have built a new functional art piece of coffee table that looks like it’s burning a pile of 50€ notes. The table features a pyramid of burning 50€ banknotes, glass urn, concrete bottom structure, and a mesmerizing flame on top of the table, where neither of these is real, except for the flame. The banknotes, glass urn, and concrete are all made of sculpting  resins, paint, and paper. The end result of this art piece are the great visualization, and the different reactions and thoughts people have on the banknotes burning coffee table, depending on their cultural background. It is interesting and stimulating.

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