Anze Osterman: Capturing The Life Of Zach Who Lives Solo In The Alaskan Wilderness

Anze Osterman: Capturing The Life Of Zach Who Lives Solo In The Alaskan Wilderness

In case you have forgotten, previously we have introduced photographer Anze Osterman with an opening statement saying that his work is probably one of the best we have seen so far, well it still is. He has returned from a trip to a remote island named Marble Island in Alaska, where he spent seven weeks there and met an oyster farmer named Zach. During his stay at the Marble Island, he spent most of the days with Zach and took many amazing photos documenting Zach and the Alaskan wilderness.

Here is the story:

“Deep in Southeast Alaska, surrounded by whales and bears, lies a remote island known as the Marble Island, and it’s rich in its namesake. More than a hundred years ago, The Vermont Marble company was located on the island. When you walk through the forests you can still find abandoned settlements and quarries scattered across the island.”

“While I was visiting the island, I met Zach. I was staying there with a family of fishermen/oyster farmers, and he was working for them while living in the woods in a cabin. Zach was born and raised in Japan before moving to the Alaskan wilderness with no roads or signal, where he discovered a completely new world. Zach spends his days in the arms of the cold ocean, working on a floating oyster farm, fishing and exploring the area. Sometimes half a year goes by without him seeing a town or other people besides the family on the island. These photographs are a visual journal of my seven weeks long experience living on the Marble Island with Zach.”

Source: Monster Children

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