Artist Creates Stunning Ghost-like Graffiti

Artist Creates Stunning Ghost-like Graffiti


Italian contemporary artist Eron has an original and unique style of creating graffiti art. His most well-known series Soul Of The Wall is particularly stunning and haunting, featuring ghostly figures who seem to be appearing on the walls. All of his works often touch on social issues or the history of certain buildings and sites, by painting historic portraits of famous figures to remind us of the city’s and country’s memory. Take a look at these stunning ghost-like murals for yourself and check out a short video presentation of the painting process below.

eron_soul_of_the_wall_graffiti_inhideout_03 eron_soul_of_the_wall_graffiti_inhideout_01 eron_soul_of_the_wall_graffiti_inhideout_04 eron_soul_of_the_wall_graffiti_inhideout_08 eron_soul_of_the_wall_graffiti_inhideout_09

For more stunning visuals and updates of Eron, make sure to follow him on his official Instagram account.

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