Automatic Vintage Lens – A Watch Inspired By Photography

Automatic Vintage Lens - A Watch Inspired By Photography

The team at TACS has brought us the Automatic Vintage Lens, which is designed and made in Japan. It is set to be the perfect timepiece for your photography lifestyle. Inspired by Japanese Zen philosophy, the brainchild of TACS Yoshiaki Motegi incorporates the sophistication of a Japanese design, the look and feel of a camera lens into the Automatic Vintage Lens watch. The watch face is specifically the highlight of the whole design, mimicking the look of an actual camera lens, making it stand out from all the other timepieces. That’s not all, both the watch face and watch back are built with scratch resistant sapphire glass, creating a fish eye effect for the watch. Everything about this timepiece gives you the authentic camera look. The Bezel is inspired by the focus ring of a camera, giving the watch the feel of a real camera lens. The standard numbers in a watch face are also replaced with the focal length and aperture numbers of a camera for time indication. The watch comes in a very elegant wooden box, containing the watch, watch cover, and a SD card holder.

The all new Automatic Vintage Lens watch definitely demonstrates the high standards of TACS, which stands for Taste, Attractiveness, Creativity, and Style. For those who are interested, please back this project on their Kickstarter page and get ready to receive this incredible timepiece at your doorstep by November 2016 at an early bird discounted price of USD$429.

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  1. Very super nice ! Just search by vintage lens for my camera but this is awesome. Thank you for great news!

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