Book of Lai – 31 Beautiful Illustrations For The InkTober Initiative Challenge

Book of Lai - 31 Beautiful Illustrations For The InkTober Initiative Challenge

The InkTober Initiative is a drawing challenge created by Jake Parker for artists all over the world. For the whole month of October, participants are to do one ink drawing a day by following the prompt list below to create a total of 31 ink drawings. The campaign was initially created by Parker in 2009 to improve his inking skills and to develop positive drawing habits. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide endeavour, attracting thousands of artists to take part in The Inktober Initiative challenge each year.


Following The InkTober Initiative, many great works were created in the process. As we enter the month of November, it is now the best time to compile some of the best works by artists all over the world. Here, we are featuring the Malaysia based artist Book of Lai.

The InkTober Initiative required utmost discipline from the artists to complete 31 hand-inked illustrations, and clearly he has done that. Book of Lai‘s Inktober challenge comprises 31 illustrations featuring his distinctive triangle red-nosed characters. Book of Lai sees the eyes and nose as the key to capture a face profile, and the triangle red nose symbolise young blood in his characters. Without him realising at first, it has since become his very own unique artistic expressions.

Now, let’s take a look at the Young Blood by Book of Lai.

1/10/16 – Fastday1

2/10/16 – Noisyday2

3/10/16 – Collectday3

4/10/16 – Hungryday4

5/10/16 – Sadday5

6/10/16 – Hiddenday6

7/10/16 – Lostday7

8/10/16 – Rockday8

9/10/16 – Brokenday9

10/10/16 – Jumpday10

11/10/16 – Transportday11

12/10/16 – Worriedday12

13/10/16 – Scaredday13

14/10/16 – Treeday14

15/10/16 – Relaxday15

16/10/16 – Wetday16

17/10/16 – Battleday17

18/10/16 – Escapeday18

19/10/16 – Flightday19

20/10/16 – Squeezeday20

21/10/16 – Bigday21

22/10/16 – Littleday22

23/10/16 – Slowday23

24/10/16 – One Dozenday24

25/10/16 – Tiredday25

26/10/16 – Boxday26

27/10/16 – Creepyday27

28/10/16 – Burnday28

29/10/16 – Surpriseday29

30/10/16 – Wreckday30

31/10/16 – Friendday31

Illustrations by Book of Lai.

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