Bringing Imagination Alive – Yoyo The Ricecorpse

Bringing Imagination Alive - Yoyo The Ricecorpse
Everything looks better in doodle, especially after you have seen Yoyo the Ricecorpse‘s animated still photographs. Yoyo the Ricecorpse is a London-based illustrator and animator, who adds life and emotion into her photographs with animated hand-drawn illustrations. Her works consist of bringing her extremely cute ghost-like characters into an ordinary location and turning them into a dream-like paradise. Each of her hand-drawn characters are interacting with everyday objects in her nicely captured photos during her travel to Tokyo. Taking inspiration from the Greats like animator Hayao Miyazaki, manga artist Eiichiro Oda, and writer Roald Dahl, her works bring imagination alive with her great eyes for details.

Many of her characters are made into shirts, pins, and other collectible products which can be found in her Etsy shop. To find out more about her, you can follow her work on FacebookInstagram, and Behance.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these really cute gif by Yoyo below. Have a fun ride into the imaginative world of Yoyo.

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Born from an egg that came out of the ‘mountain of flowers and fruits’, flies across madagascar, drifts away through the ocean into london. *sound of an egg cracking* I am Yoyo the Ricecorpse a.k.a 木匣子与圆脸兔.
Images from: Behance

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