Brooke DiDonato: Creating Photographs Which Tell Stories

Brooke DiDonato: Creating Photographs Which Tell Stories

Photographer Brooke DiDonato has a unique style of creating provocative and mind-blending images which tell stories. Combining photography and the issues of sociology, her works create “a sense of empathy or suspense between the audience and the characters in each image”. After studying photojournalism in college, her works weren’t exactly what she wanted to go for and so decided to take on a 365 project where she produced a new creative image everyday for a year. The project was a success, to be honest, as we can see that her work now has the ability to draw people in through minimal aesthetics and pastel-like patterns. “These images depict real narratives about vulnerability, instability and self-destruction fused with dream-like visual qualities”, says DiDonato.

Let us now take a look at some of the surreal images created by DiDonato.

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