Creating Art from Destruction – Glitch art by Leonardo Suozzo

Creating Art from Destruction - Glitch art by Leonardo Suozzo

“You create something and then you destruct it, and then you create something else by destruction.”


For the ones who aren’t familiar, glitch is a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment. London-based web artist and graphic designer Leonardo Suozzo started exploring glitch art due to the lack of creative freedom from his everyday job. To Suozzo, Glitch art is limitless and without boundaries. By letting loose his creativity, he could create something with destruction. He distorts graphics that he envision in his mind by using the combination of design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and JavaScript manipulation.  Looking at his glitch art will make your mind blown.

If you don’t believe so, take your time to check out Suozzo’s Glitch art masterpieces below.

 Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-02  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-03   Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-05  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-06  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-07  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-08  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-09  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-10  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-11  Inhideout-Leonardo-Suozzo-Glitch-art-12


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