Depicting Sheets Of Paper Using 3D Printing Technology

Depicting Sheets Of Paper Using 3D Printing Technology

nendo_3d_paper_depiction_inhideout_01Renowned design firm nendo‘s latest exhibition showcases its latest works “Un-Printed Material”. By using paper as a medium, the graphic designers 3D printed black outline pieces to resemble sheets of paper, be it folded, torn or in pristine condition. nendo said, “Graphic designers use paper as a medium to express their ideas. Similarly, we wanted to work with paper but approach it from a different angle. By zeroing in on the finer details and carefully representing them in the outlines, we attempted to capture that unique essence of paper that we have all felt at one time or another.” The exhibition will be on display till November 17 at Creation Gallery G8 in Ginza.

nendo_3d_paper_depiction_inhideout_02 nendo_3d_paper_depiction_inhideout_03 nendo_3d_paper_depiction_inhideout_04

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