eL Seed Presents A Whole New “Perception” On Egypt

eL Seed Presents A Whole New "Perception" On Egypt

el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_01Street artist eL Seed‘s recent work named “Perception” has brought us to a level to question ourselves in terms of judgement and misconception. The project took place in the neighbourhood of Manshiyat Nasr in Cairo, a place where the Coptic community of Zaraeeb collects and processes the trash of the whole city for decades. Due to this, the people who lives in the neighbourhood are referred to as Zabbaleen, or ‘garbage people’. It gives people the misconception that they were living in the garbage, but the fact is that the city has created one of the most sophisticated recycling systems in the world. Therefore, eL Seed and his team decided to change people’s perception by creating a master piece of street art which covers 50 buildings. The master piece is only visible from a certain point of the Moqattam Mountain.

el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_03 el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_05 el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_02el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_06 el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_09 el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_11 el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_10 el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_12 el_seed_perception_cairo_street_art_inhideout_07Follow eL Seed on Instagram for more updates.

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