Electric Confetti: Custom LED Neon Signs

Electric Confetti: Custom LED Neon Signs

Electric Confetti is a studio which creates both pre-designed and custom LED neon lights, adding a nostalgic feel of vintage element into your home. The brainchild behind this home décor studio is Melbourne-based designer and illustrator Natalie Jarvis. Apart from the ready made designs which are available at their online store, custom designs service is also being offered which would be handcrafted according to your needs. Be it soft serve ice cream cone, rainbow layered cake, popsicle or unicorn, we are sure one of these designs will definitely capture your attention. Let us check out some of the neon lights design below.

eletric_confetti_custom_neon_sign_inhideout_06 eletric_confetti_custom_neon_sign_inhideout_05 eletric_confetti_custom_neon_sign_inhideout_04 eletric_confetti_custom_neon_sign_inhideout_03 eletric_confetti_custom_neon_sign_inhideout_02

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