Fabrizio Corneli Creates Stunning Shadow Art

Fabrizio Corneli Creates Stunning Shadow Art

Florence-based artist Fabrizio Corneli does not create art like most artist. He does not use a paintbrush, nor does he use a canvas. Every single art piece is created using light and mathematical calculations so that beautiful shadow sculptures would be formed. Corneli mentioned that “light is the energy which creates forms,” and this gives him inspiration to create art using shadow. When the lights are turned off, no one would have realized the existence of his art piece. However, when the lights are switched on, everyone would be amazed by the stunning shadow art created by the silhouettes casted upon the walls. Check out some of his artworks below.

fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_01 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_02 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_03 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_04 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_05 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_06 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_08 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_07 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_09 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_11 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_12 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_13 fabrizio_corneli_shadow_art_inhideout_14

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