Film Photography Of Street Skating With Rafael Gonzalez

Film Photography Of Street Skating With Rafael Gonzalez

Skateboarder and photographer Rafael Gonzalez is based in Panama, but he has been taking his passion to everywhere else around the world. The thing about him is how he takes photographs with the old fashioned way. He shoots skating with film as the grainy mood, textures, and contrasts of film photography are something that inspire him. “Architecture, urban fragments, and street scenarios have been my source of inspiration since the very beginning as a photographer, so I’m always looking for new compositions everywhere,” Gonzalez says.

Let us now check out some of Rafael Gonzalez’s photographs below.

rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_13 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_11 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_10 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_07 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_04 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_03 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_20 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_18 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_22 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_16 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_14 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_15 rafael_gonzalez_panama_street_skating_inhideout_21

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