Fred Mortagne Creates A Skateboarding Masterpiece

Fred Mortagne Creates A Skateboarding Masterpiece


Fred Mortagne, also known as French Fred, recently published his new book “Attraper Au Vol” (“Catch in the air”) and it is a skateboarding masterpiece. The book itself tells the photographic life of Fred Mortagne, one of the most respected skate photographers and film makers in the world. His works show us his own abstract perspective on architecture and geometry, featuring lines and angles blended with the aesthetic of skateboarding. Skateboarding allows so much freedom that it has attracted Fred Mortagne into it as he says, “With skateboarding, I could go skateboarding anytime with friends, and if there’s no one around I could go on my own. No one was going to stop me from skating, it was pure freedom.”


Watch the full video of Untold Stories From “Attraper Au Vol” on Vimeo. You can now buy his book “Attraper au vol” here at USD$45 per copy.

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