Fu*k It, Lose Yourself And Get Nude In The Wild

Fu*k It, Lose Yourself And Get Nude In The Wild

mirae_campbell_nude_wild_inhideout_01Canadian photographer Mirae Campbell‘s photograph series is more than just an image gallery of girls getting nude in the wild, but a tribute to them being who they are and their “willingness to be spontaneous and get naked, just because it feels right.” With the influence of an outdoor enthusiast dad, Campbell grew up with the mindset that the only way she could stay sane and stress-free is being outside, with or without her family. While being outside in the wild, it is in fact true that all you need are the bare essentials.

mirae_campbell_nude_wild_inhideout_06 mirae_campbell_nude_wild_inhideout_02mirae_campbell_nude_wild_inhideout_04 mirae_campbell_nude_wild_inhideout_03

For the full interview with Mirae Campbell by Monster Children, click here.

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