Get Within An ISIS War Zone Via Virtual Reality

Get Within An ISIS War Zone Via Virtual Reality

A virtual reality film has been released by The New York Times featuring journalist Grant Solomon’s experiences on the frontline in an ISIS war zone. The setting of the film is the city of Falluja, a strategic location for whichever side captures it. In this VR film, you get to ride in an armoured tank, stand in a cage with prisoners of ISIS around you, and fire shots. It is a whole new different experience to feel what it’s like being in a war zone, all thanks to virtual reality, and it is sadly depressing.

virtual_reality_fight_for_fallujah_inhideout_03If you are still confused by what is wrong with the Middle East, take your time to read through Fractured Lands: How The Arab World Came Apart, an issue dedicated by 18 months of reporting by journalist Scott Anderson and 14 years of photographing by Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin.


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