Humandevil, a brand that emphasize very much on pursuing Dreams. It’s every single details on their design means something. What differentiate the brands between street wear is the meaning of their brands, the ideology behind the identity, and Humandevil has it all. The description below will let you understand the brand more.


About Humandevil

It’s about Staying true to your dreams and perseverance brings hope.

Many would think that a skull logo exudes a negative image but on the contrary, it has a way of giving your soul courage to go down the road towards your dreams.

The Skull is a reflection of the human face. It is also a person’s true colours underneath a mask that he puts on for the world. Man has created countless things in the world, good or bad.

In life, we face many obstacles but with the experiences derived, we are able to develop our own views of the world, discover new perspectives and ultimately, our write our own destiny. There are a lot of things we cannot control in this world and as a result, makes it difficult for us to see the truth all the time.

This is the dark side of the Skull. The angles on the Skull’s eyes obstruct its sight, which causes misunderstanding among one another. Perhaps this is a negative trait possessed by each one of us.

The root of the problem could be from the contours of the Skull’s chin. No matter how tough life gets and how rough the road may be, please live life to the fullest. Even if you lose everything, you should never let go of the dreams that you have held on so dearly.Just as there still is breath left in us, there should be unlimited hope. Make a wish upon a star, work hard to make it come true. Be grateful when it does, then share your experience with the one that matters the most.

Take a look at the Skull’s head, reflect on your own weaknesses and you shall be a better person.Take a look at the Skull’s star-shaped nose, think about your own dreams. Vow to never ever let it go even until the end of time.

Finally, the Skull’s background – a big circle – signifies your dreamcoming true!

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