“Hyperjump” With Tundra’s Incredible Audiovisual Performance

“Hyperjump” With Tundra's Incredible Audiovisual Performance

Saint Petersburg-based design studio TUNDRA has been blowing people’s minds with their incredible light installations, getting loud responses from audiences around the world. Creating large-scale audiovisual experiences for the audience, each of their works touches on a different area of human interaction. One of its most spectacular art installations “HYPERJUMP” is a site-specific audiovisual performance at the Saint-Petersburg State University. “HYPERJUMP” explores the paradoxical elements of physicality, represented by a basketball court, and the “the architecture of the classicism period, the symbol of the human rationality.” Audiences are able to enjoy an unpredictable dance of music and light, formed by 25 moving head light beams and a powerful sound system.

Watch the video below for the light performance “HYPERJUMP”.

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