Imagine Catching Pokémon In Real Life

Imagine Catching Pokémon In Real Life

Illustrator Dane Cozens recreates a Pokémon inspired suburban sci-fi world where children and teenagers catch Pokémon in real life. In this sci-fi Pokémon world, kids go on an adventure and dream to catch ’em all. Dane Cozens has been a huge fan of Pokémon since he was just a kid and he started drawing realistic Pokémon when he was merely 10 years old. With the launching of the viral mobile game Pokémon Go, he decided to revisit the challenge and continue to create elaborated drawings of children catching their favourite Pokémon in his creation of a suburban sci-fi world. In his Pokémon project, he has included conceptual art sketches of Pokémon in their habitat.

Take a look at some of Dane Cozens’s drawings below and follow his Instagram for more.

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