Introducing a Malaysian streetwear clothing label, NEVERWAKE CLOTHING, based in Kuala Lumpur, this young clothing label is in to inspire every human beings out there with their “never-give-up” spirit through a range of the label’s authentic designs and products, including snapbacks, T-shirts, collared T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, and tank tops.

Established by Ian Chan in 2012, the label has since set out on a mission of injecting new elements into the Malaysian streetwear culture by providing top quality streetwear products accompanied by the label’s unique fashion sense and attitude towards life.

According to Ian Chan, each and every design is inspired by the evolving lifestyle, music and current trends in the street fashion. Other than that, you could also notice the bold colors chosen for the unique minimalist designs with conceptual symbols used in their products. And these conceptual symbols are there to be interpreted in different ways by different people, you just have to let your imagination run loose.


Neverwake – A different, rebellious way of portraying the spirit of ‘never give up’ and ‘never stop believing in yourself’.

Below, Let us check out a short interview conducted by the InHideout Exc. team with the brand owner Ian Chan.


InHideout: What made you take the leap into the fashion industry?

Ian Chan: Well, we gotta go back to the time when it was just a month before my 30th birthday. I have always had a vision of building my very own clothing label before I hit 40 years old. So, to me, it was kind of like a “now or never” situation then as I knew I only have 10 more years to pursue my dream. So, yeah, Neverwake was born.


InHideout: What’s the story behind the brand name?

Ian Chan: I have met many people in my lifetime, some of whom I encountered are the type of ever-moody-people who simply give up too easily, they fail and give up straight, be it in building a career or going through their life.

So, I wanted to build a brand that can inspire people to keep moving forward and never give up doing what they love. And, it is also a reminder for myself to never stop believing. Hence Neverwake, a different and yet rebellious motto of portraying the never-give-up spirit.


For more information about NEVERWAKE CLOTHING, visit their official website here. You may also show your support by following their Facebook and Instagram.


If you have a dream which you never want to wake up from, then what the fuck are you waiting for?

Get up and live your dream.



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