I like being imaginative and creative, and that’s probably the reason why I fell in love with designing and creating different characters. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Many of you might have heard of “PANDAEYES handmade“, but what do you know about the brand? Founded and established in 2005, the brand owner Wen Yi started the doll making business as a part-time job. Judging from the exquisite workmanship of the dolls, no one would have thought that each and single handmade doll is made by a guy. Working non-stop and through every thread and needle, he dreams of turning his passion into a reality. Finally in 2014, Wen Yi decided to work fulltime on his passion, hence begin his journey of making each doll with his bare hands. For his most popular doll collection “Kurodolls series”, Wen Yi has created different characters and story background for the five dolls in this collection, namely Sweetie, Lovely, Strawberry, Ivy, and Zedd. “Sweetie” has a pair big ears, loves adventure and enjoys her freedom; “Lovely” owns a pair rabbit ears, as cute and lovely as a rabbit, loves fashion; “Strawberry” is the ‘lone ranger’ among the five, and she loves “Ivy”; the pair of leaves on the head of “Ivy” allows him to undergo photosynthesis, absorbing the sunlight and thus he is the “Sunny boy”; Last but not least, “Zedd” wears a hoodie and owns all types of anime characters’ hoodies, and he loves cosplaying. Now that we have understood the story behind each of the Kurodolls, it’s time for us to get a little closer to the man behind “PANDAEYES handmade”.
InHideout Exc.: Can you tell us why did you name it “PANDAEYES”?

Wen Yi: Well, I used to be working in the day time, that left me no other choices but to work on the dolls at night. Due to this, I often couldn’t get enough sleep and hence develop dark eye rings, therefore I thought “panda eyes” would be a very suitable name for my brand.

What is the design concept of “PANDAEYES handmade”?

The dolls are not just dolls made out of cloth and cotton. Each doll is made with passion, and I specifically design a story background for each doll, hoping to create a sense of resonance between the dolls and people.

Please tell us the biggest problem you have faced regarding the brand.

Ok, once I work fulltime for PANDAEYES, I found that the biggest problem is the brand management. Each decision I make will affect the whole process and hence cause more problems in terms of turning this into my career.

Some of us might not have understood the meaning or value that these dolls bring, is there anything you would like to let them know so they could understand more about handmade dolls?

I believe that the values or meanings of handmade dolls do not come from the doll itself, no matter what materials the dolls are made of. It is important to understand the art of handmaking, the process of designing and its concept behind the brand.

So, can you tell us a little about your life motto?

Stay focused and make sure you stay true to what you believe.

Lastly, is there any advice you could offer to the dreamers?

Don’t assume everything to be perfect, but perfection can be achieved if you have given your 100%.


“PANDAEYES handmade” does organize workshops for interested parties to learn how to make all types of Kurodolls. For more information, please follow “PANDAEYES handmade” on their official Facebook page.

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