Invisible Bathroom Sink by Victor Vasilev

Invisible Bathroom Sink by Victor Vasilev

Milan-based Bulgarian designer Victor Vasilev creates “invisible” bathroom sink, reducing bathroom designs to the purest and simplest form. The bathroom sink named Kub plays with straight lines, the transparency of glass, and marble, making the sink to appear as almost invisible. Perfect for minimalist design lovers, the geometric nature of the sink is nothing but a simple and mesmerizing feature for your bathroom.

invisible_bathroom_sink_victor_vasilev_inhideout_01 invisible_bathroom_sink_victor_vasilev_inhideout_03 invisible_bathroom_sink_victor_vasilev_inhideout_07 invisible_bathroom_sink_victor_vasilev_inhideout_04 invisible_bathroom_sink_victor_vasilev_inhideout_05 invisible_bathroom_sink_victor_vasilev_inhideout_06

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