Iron Loi – 31 Beautiful Illustrations For The InkTober Initiative Challenge

Iron Loi - 31 Beautiful Illustrations For The InkTober Initiative Challenge

The InkTober Initiative is a drawing challenge created by Jake Parker for artists all over the world. For the whole month of October, participants are to do one ink drawing a day by following the prompt list below to create a total of 31 ink drawings. The campaign was initially created by Parker in 2009 to improve his inking skills and to develop positive drawing habits. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide endeavour, attracting thousands of artists to take part in The Inktober Initiative challenge each year.


Following The InkTober Initiative, many great works were created in the process. As we enter the month of November, it is now the best time to compile some of the best works by artists all over the world. Here, we are featuring the Malaysia based illustrator Iron Loi. If you ever think the name is familiar, you have probably heard about his solo exhibition named [Good Night] held last December.

For The InkTober Initiative this year, he has done 31 hand-inked illustrations, featuring his signature astronaut character in all of the 31 illustrations.  The reason behind the love of astronauts is because he sees them as a symbol for Dreams and Courage.

Now, let’s chill and take a stroll down to the galaxy of imaginations by Iron Loi.

1/10/16 – FastInhideout-Iron-Inktober-1

2/10/16 – NoisyInhideout-Iron-Inktober-2

3/10/16 – CollectInhideout-Iron-Inktober-3

4/10/16 – HungryInhideout-Iron-Inktober-4

5/10/16 – SadInhideout-Iron-Inktober-5

6/10/16 – HiddenInhideout-Iron-Inktober-6

7/10/16 – LostInhideout-Iron-Inktober-7

8/10/16 – RockInhideout-Iron-Inktober-8

9/10/16 – BrokenInhideout-Iron-Inktober-9

10/10/16 – JumpInhideout-Iron-Inktober-10

11/10/16 – TransportInhideout-Iron-Inktober-11

12/10/16 – WorriedInhideout-Iron-Inktober-12

13/10/16 – ScaredInhideout-Iron-Inktober-13

14/10/16 – TreeInhideout-Iron-Inktober-14

15/10/16 – RelaxInhideout-Iron-Inktober-15

16/10/16 – WetInhideout-Iron-Inktober-16

17/10/16 – BattleInhideout-Iron-Inktober-17

18/10/16 – EscapeInhideout-Iron-Inktober-18

19/10/16 – FlightInhideout-Iron-Inktober-19

20/10/16 – SqueezeInhideout-Iron-Inktober-20

21/10/16 – BigInhideout-Iron-Inktober-21

22/10/16 – LittleInhideout-Iron-Inktober-22

23/10/16 – SlowInhideout-Iron-Inktober-23

24/10/16 – One DozenInhideout-Iron-Inktober-24

25/10/16 – TiredInhideout-Iron-Inktober-25

26/10/16 – BoxInhideout-Iron-Inktober-26

27/10/16 – CreepyInhideout-Iron-Inktober-27

28/10/16 – BurnInhideout-Iron-Inktober-28

29/10/16 – SurpriseInhideout-Iron-Inktober-29

30/10/16 – WreckInhideout-Iron-Inktober-30

31/10/16 – FriendInhideout-Iron-Inktober-31

Illustrations by Iron Loi.

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