Lyn Hui Ong – 31 Beautiful Illustrations For The InkTober Initiative Challenge

Lyn Hui Ong - 31 Beautiful Illustrations For The InkTober Initiative Challenge

The InkTober Initiative is a drawing challenge created by Jake Parker for artists all over the world. For the whole month of October, participants are to do one ink drawing a day by following the prompt list below to create a total of 31 ink drawings. The campaign was initially created by Parker in 2009 to improve his inking skills and to develop positive drawing habits. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide endeavour, attracting thousands of artists to take part in The Inktober Initiative challenge each year.


Following The InkTober Initiative, many great works were created in the process. As we enter the new year 2017, it is still nice to look back and as we compile some of the best works by artists all over the world. Here, we are featuring a Malaysia-based Graphic Designer/Illustrator Lyn Hui.

The InkTober Initiative requires utmost discipline from the artists to complete 31 hand-inked illustrations, and clearly she has achieved that, just like Iron Loi and Book of Lai when we featured them previously. Lyn Hui‘s Inktober challenge comprises 31 hand inked illustrations, which was a really challenging task as Lyn Hui has a habit to paint digitally as an illustrator/graphic designer. Seeing herself as a 6-year-old girl in a 24 years old body, imagination has got to be running really wild in her mind. She likes to work in two contrasting styles, one is more mature and clean while another is more kiddish and detailed. This shows her versatility to experiment and explore something that is fresh and new.

To know more about her , you can check out her Behance, Instagram, or Website.

Now, let’s take a look at the positive and imaginative illustrations by Lyn Hui.

1/10/16 – Fast

2/10/16 – Noisy

3/10/16 – Collect (Memories)

4/10/16 – Hungry

5/10/16 – Sad

6/10/16 – Hidden

7/10/16 – Lost

8/10/16 – Rock

9/10/16 – Broken

10/10/16 – Jump

11/10/16 – Transport

12/10/16 – Worried

13/10/16 – Scared

14/10/16 – Tree

15/10/16 – Relax

16/10/16 – Wet

17/10/16 – Battle

18/10/16 – Escape

19/10/16 – Flight

20/10/16 – Squeeze

21/10/16 – Big

22/10/16 – Little

23/10/16 – Slow

24/10/16 – One Dozen

25/10/16 – Tired

26/10/16 – Box

27/10/16 – Creepy

28/10/16 – Burn

29/10/16 – Surprise

30/10/16 – Wreck

31/10/16 – Friend

Illustrations by Lyn Hui.

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