Making Gundams With Chopsticks

Making Gundams With Chopsticks

A guy named Baek Min-Soo from Korea was eating ramen using chopsticks in a convenience store one day when suddenly a random thought struck him. He decided to build Gundam models out of chopsticks. They are not just ordinary Gundam models, but they are almost identical to plamodel Gundams for which the movement of the joints and opening of the guns are almost perfect. By using over 20,000 chopsticks and chopsticks only, he has built the Prometheus Gundam, Strike Freedom Gundam, 00 Raiser, and other non Gundam models. Impressive!

the_koo_chopsticks_gundam_baek_min_soo_inhideout_03 the_koo_chopsticks_gundam_baek_min_soo_inhideout_02 the_koo_chopsticks_gundam_baek_min_soo_inhideout_04

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