Mexican photographer Moisés Rodríguez is a street photographer who captures transient moments on the street and makes them last forever. His images are always produced in a strong contrast of black and white, creating an interplay between positive and negative space. He believes in the phrase “less is more”, thus focusing in the photography style of minimalism. His work is often symmetrical, and always composed perfectly. Rodríguez also mentioned in an interview that “the simplicity in a photograph can intensify and engage the viewer’s imagination so they can be the ones who build a story based on what they see”, allowing viewers to let their imagination run free and build a fictional story of their own. His inspiration for taking minimalist photographs came from black and white movies like “Citizen Kane”, “Psycho”, and “The Exterminating Angel”. The person who walks alone on the streets interacts with the environment unconsciously, and that’s exactly what Rodríguez would like to capture.

Now, let’s go minimal with Moisés Rodríguez by enjoying a beautiful collection of black and white photographs below.

moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_12 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_06

I can lose myself for hours without defining a specific course, watching the people walk, wondering what they do and where they are going—in a few words: what is their story?

moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_10 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_01 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_03 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_07

It is not necessarily the colour that gives beauty to the image, but the harmonic distribution of the elements involved in it.

moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_05 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_08 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_11 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_09 moises_rodriguez_less_is_more_inhideout_04

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  1. Great photos. Bravo !

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