“Pirate Printer” Uses Drain Covers For Shirt Printing

"Pirate Printer" Uses Drain Covers For Shirt Printing

pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_08Berlin-based Raubdruckerin is one of many art-collectives we have seen to have brought people together and shared the passion for art in a very unique way. Raubdruckerin has a meaning of “pirate printer”, uses manhole covers, grids, vents, and other utility covers as a printing module for textiles and paper. Various unique patterns have been produced by painting on these utility covers with a layer of coating, and then pressing a garment on these drain covers. Currently, Raubdruckerin’s team has produced the collection which shows objects from more than 20 cities, and each city has a different story to tell, therefore each piece of garment is special. Raubdruckerin’s main motivations for this project is to bring people together and to encourage people to appreciate the little and seemingly unimportant things in life.

For those who would like to purchase one of these eye-catching creations, visit their online shop for more designs.

pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_10 pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_05 pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_06 pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_04 pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_01 pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_07 pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_02 pirate_printers_raubdruckerin_inhideout_09

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