POP-PIE Pop-Up Store For Art & Craft @ Publika

POP-PIE Pop-Up Store For Art & Craft @ Publika

From handicraft to hand painted art, digital art to concrete art, POP-PIE is a temporary pop-up store that features a group of artists and designers from different art backgrounds. They strongly believe that they can bring something unique onto the table and let the magic happens. Its unique name comes from a metaphor – a delicious pie satisfy one’s hunger for arts and crafts.

At POP-PIE, they aim to bring diversity in art and design to the local art scene by showing off different styles of work to art lovers while continuing to push boundaries via collaborative work with other artists. On top of the shopping experience, engagement is what they focus on, as shown from their weekly art workshops.

Feel free to drop by and check it out. They are located at Block B3, Level G2, Lot55 in Publika Shopping Gallery, and opening everyday from 11am to 8pm.

To find out more, visit POP-PIE’s Instagram and FB Page. Feel free to check out the POP-PIE featured artist lineup and some interior shots of the pop-up store below.


POP-PIE Artist LineupJeovine Littleday Drawing by Jeovine Wong

Facebook: Jeovine Wong  Instagram: jeovine_littleday

A Fine Art major, Jeovine is currently a freelance illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur. Drawing has always been part of her life. She enjoys drawing her daily life in her journal and sharing it with people in the art market. Her live cartoon portrait drawings have made her one of the most sought-after artists in local art market.

In September 2016, she had her first solo show entitled “Sleepwalking in the City” in The Augmented Café SS2 PJ. Her paintings were inspired by her wild and dreamy imagination.


Brody The Blackheart by Zack Tay

Facebook: Brody The Blackheart   Instagram: heyhey_brody

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Zack Tay is a graphic designer, character designer & illustrator. In 2013, he started his first character design project – Brody The Blackheart.

Brody is one of his kind – all black with a heart-shaped head! Despite being disliked by people who sees him as a symbol of bad luck, Brody constantly asks himself why people would prejudge someone or something before they even know them. He remains kind and caring, and believes that love and time is the best antidote to change stereotypes and prejudice.

Brody The Blackheart debuted in Taipei International Toy Festival 2014 and has joined various art events locally and internationally. Its products include art toy and print, garment, stationery and many more.


Kazimi Handmade by Kazimi K.

Facebook: Kazimi handmade   Instagram: kangkazimi

Based in Penang, Kazimi shares her biggest passion of fabric handcrafts for home deco & gift to the whole nation. From material sourcing to the finished product, every detail is closely taken care of to ensure the quality meets her high standards. She believes that beautiful creations should be made with a happy mind!

As an active artist in art & craft market, Kazimi travels across the nation to bring her customers the finest in fabric handcrafts.


Minaミナ by Xuan 

Facebook: MINAミナ   Instagram: mina_planet

Xuan is an illustration major, now a freelance illustrator and handmade crafter based in Kuala Lumpur.

MINAミナ started off as Xuan’s personal project and rebranded in 2013. The name MINAミナ means ‘LOVE’ in German. On MINAミナ‘s planet, everyone is full of love, courage, hope, and happiness.

MINAミナ’s  products include dolls, coin purses, keychains, tote bags, postcards and more. Each one of them is 100% handmade with 101% love from Xuan!


 Pandaeyes by Hoe Wen Yi 

Facebook: Pandaeyes Handmade   Instagram: pandaeyes85

Pandaeyes was founded in 2005 as a part-time business. In 2014, Wen Yi decided to work full-time on his passion and his journey of making each doll with his hands has never stopped.

His popular doll collection “Kurodoll Series” has received positive feedback globally from all the doll lovers. There are 5 dolls in the collection – Sweetie, Lovely, Strawberry, Ivvy and Zedd. Sweetie has a big pair of ears, loves adventure and enjoys her freedom; Lovely owns a pair of rabbit ears, loves fashion; Strawberry is the lone ranger among the five, and she loves Ivvy; the pair of leaves on the head of Ivvy allows him to undergo photosynthesis, absorbing the sunlight and thus he is the “sunny boy”; last but not least, Zedd loves cosplaying. He owns all types of anime characters’ hoodies.


MUTELAB by Myce & Sook Yin 

Facebook: MUTELAB   Instagram: mutelab

MUTELAB comprises a team of two – Myce & Sook Yin, both from different industries who love plants and concrete art. Their aim is to develop, define, and re-design interior adornments with concrete mix and other materials.

MUTELAB also collaborates with different artists as they believe interior adornments can add spirit and character to an environment.


WEEZ by Weelim & Kitosa 

Facebook: WEEZ   Instagram: weezconcept

Weelim is a miniature artist from Penang. His delicate miniatures of flower, succulent plant and food on the accessories makes you want to wear it everyday.

WEEZ specializes in ladies handmade accessories. All products are hand crafted with polymer clay as main material.


Space Fantos by Sittos Chang 

Facebook: Space Fantos   Instagram: spacefantos

Sittos finds satisfaction in giving used materials a second life by turning them into art pieces or new products. He loves the unpredictability of found materials and enjoys the process of making them into something totally unbelievable.

Space Fantos focuses on transforming recycled materials into art pieces. He loves to surprise his customers with his unique creations.


Do drop by the POP-PIE pop up store. Say hello to all of their friendly staffs and grab home some meaningful handcrafted goods. Cheers.

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