Prepare To Get Lost And “Found” In A Museum Of Mishearing

Prepare To Get Lost And "Found" In A Museum Of Mishearing

Found Studio has produced a short film named “Mondegreen“, animated by Esteban Diácono, features a series of stunning kinetic sculptures based around the concept of mishearing. Why the concept of mishearing? Creative director of Found Studio, Mike Sharpe explains, “We’ve always struggled with people mishearing our company name so thought we’d have some fun with that.” Mondegreen is a term generally used for mishearing song lyrics, and each of these giant kinetic art sculptures represent different words which sound like “Found”, such as sound, bound, wound, ground, drowned. Created over a six month period, the short film “Mondegreen” will challenge the viewer’s perception of art and reality. Check out the surreal video above and be prepared to get lost and “found” in this museum of mishearing.

mondegreen_museum_of_mishearing_inhideout_01 mondegreen_museum_of_mishearing_inhideout_04 mondegreen_museum_of_mishearing_inhideout_05 mondegreen_museum_of_mishearing_inhideout_06

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