Riding With Blue Monsters

Riding With Blue Monsters

American illustrator Ben Rubin, a.k.a Subway Doodle, has created a series of drawings featuring quite an amount of blue monsters. These monsters depict various types of people commuters encounter during their trips each day. Rubin’s sketches have shown us the creativity and imagination he possesses, or the special power to acquire such a strange and surreal vision one could possibly imagine. These drawings are created first by taking pictures using his iPad and then drawing on them via a stylus and a drawing app called Procreate. Why blue monsters? Rubin mentioned that he don’t want his work “to be interpreted as criticism or representation of any particular race or nationality. [His] doodles simply reflect the peculiar universal truths about humans.”

Now let us check out some of our favourite doodles below.

ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_01 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_03 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_05 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_12 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_13 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_06 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_11 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_04 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_10 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_15 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_07 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_02 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_09 ben_rubin_subway_doodle_monster_inhideout_14

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