“Saving Banksy” – Culture Of Reselling Graffiti Art

"Saving Banksy" - Culture Of Reselling Graffiti Art


Become good at cheating and you’ll never have to become good at anything else.

– Banksy

Take a look at the new trailer of the documentary film “Saving Banksy” directed by Colin Day and narrated by Paul Polycarpou which premiered at the Nashville Film Festival back in April this year. Based on the true story of an art collector trying to save a “Banksy Rat” as the city threatened to remove, it deals directly with the confusing and contentious issue of Banksy’s art and commodification of street art. In this documentary, we are going to question ourselves, “What would you do if you owned a million dollar painting that the artist doesn’t want sold?” The film features interviews with famed graffiti artists around the world including Ben Eine, Risk, Revok, Niels Mueman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E Friedman.

saving_banksy_inhideout_01 saving_banksy_inhideout_02

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