The Art Captured by Insecurities – ‘Catographer’ Felicity Berkleef

The Art Captured by Insecurities - 'Catographer' Felicity Berkleef

Photography has changed my life forever and I’m happy that I can share that with people around the world!


Everyone is born to do something in their life. 20 year-old artist Felicity Berkleef  had always been a victim of bullying during her high school time and along with a series of bad things which happened during that period of time, she experienced many negative emotions and struggled to pass her high school. Fortunately, everything improved after she was introduced to Art & Design.

Every experience that we went through in life shapes up who we are today. With the need to cope with insecurities, she picked up her first DSLR and it changed her life completely. Referring herself as ‘Catographer’, Felicity Berkleef took photographs of felines, capturing beautiful and expressive moments of them with her DSLR. She loves to use high contrast visuals to lead the mood for her photographs. We, the Inhideout team thought it would be more appropriate to refer her photographs as an art created by insecurities, and it’s just too beautiful.

Let the visuals do the talking. Beware, cat lovers, you will go crazy viewing these photos, in a good way. =)

Feel Free to follow her Instagram and Flickr for more awesome works.



Photographs from Felicity Berkleef’s Flickr.

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