The Cutest Dog Calendar You Will Need In 2017

The Cutest Dog Calendar You Will Need In 2017

2017 Calendar

准备了一个小短片给即将推出的日历,数量有限(也可能会加码)。由于主题是狗狗,所以有个意愿就是将卖出的金额50%捐助给狗狗收容所,你既能得到一份可爱的??日历也能帮助有需要的??。可以PM我预留,迟些才会定价,请follow update。:)

Posted by 线 . 在说故事_the story-LINES on Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Every story begins somewhere. For Malaysian illustrator Sshown Chang, a story starts from a dot to a line, and a line continues to extend into an incredible story. The illustrator who goes by the artist name “线 . 在说故事_the story-LINES” has recently introduced her Dog Calendar 2017, featuring 15 printed pages of calendar with 12 cute dog designs, a clip folder, and additional 3 pages of empty spaces included for you to note down any important events or stories. 50% of the total revenue generated from the sales of these cute dog calendar will be directed to dog shelters, with the good intention of helping the dogs in need.

The calendars are now available for sale at Malaysian Ringgit RM39.90 each . This is definitely the cutest calendar you will need in 2017! For those who are interested, hurry up and place your order on her official Facebook page now as there are only 50 copies available.

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