Photographers Vaughan Brookfield and Tom Lynch embarked on a journey to bring the project “The Nameless” to life in New Zealand and produced something really strikingly beautiful. From Lake Sylvan in the Mt Aspiring National Park, to the wishbone falls, followed by the Blue Lake at St Bathans, and Kopuwai Conservation Area near Alexandra, Vaughan and Tom venture out into the middle of nowhere and project images onto waterfalls, mountains, and cliffs. Yes, that’s right, they are all projections.


The Nameless was born out of pure frustration from one of us running a production company for the last 8 years and doing a lot of cool shit for clients but always having this gnawing desire to do something ‘different’.”


We were both keen to stick to interesting natural locations, and content-wise we were pretty open to anything we could think of that might fit a chosen location. A week later we were down at the Shotover River in Queenstown waiting for sunset with a small generator, a 14000 lumen projector, a laptop and a camera with literally no fucking clue what we were up to.”

vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_06 vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_09 vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_11 vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_07

Each place has been massively different and we’ve pretty much just been making it up on the fly the day of, or sometimes even once we get to the location, which has been fine up until now for a starting point. We’ve intentionally set no rules, and we aren’t trying to make money out of it. We’re just letting shit happen.”

vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_10 vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_05 vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_08 vaughan_brookfield_tom_lynch_projection_thenameless_04

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