These Art Sculptures Are Walking At The Dutch Coastline On Their Own

These Art Sculptures Are Walking At The Dutch Coastline On Their Own

Dutch artist Theo Jansen creates kinetic art sculptures as he builds 3D mechanisms called Strandbeest, which has a meaning of beasts roaming by the beach. Made from plastic yellow tubes resembling animal skeletons, Strandbeest moves as the wind blows, and it seems as though these “beasts” have brains of their own. The sculptures are the fusion of art and engineering, as Jansen says, “The walls between art and engineering exists only in our minds.” Jansen’s works are so impressive because Strandbeest has a primitive logic to move in reverse when they sense water or loose sand. Apart from that, these “beasts” has the ability to moor themselves to the ground as the storm approaches. It is indeed incredible and inspiring!

theo_jansen_kinetic_animal_sculpture_inhideout_02 theo_jansen_kinetic_animal_sculpture_inhideout_01 theo_jansen_kinetic_animal_sculpture_inhideout_07 theo_jansen_kinetic_animal_sculpture_inhideout_06 theo_jansen_kinetic_animal_sculpture_inhideout_05 theo_jansen_kinetic_animal_sculpture_inhideout_04 theo_jansen_kinetic_animal_sculpture_inhideout_03

Want to find out how it works? Watch the video below for some explanations by Theo Jansen, the “modern day Da Vinci”.

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