Tokyo Glows In Neon Pink by Xavier Portela

Tokyo Glows In Neon Pink by Xavier Portela

xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_10Belgian-Portuguese photographer and filmmaker Xavier Portela takes us on a stunning visual journey through the colourful streets of Tokyo. In his photography series “Tokyo’s Glow”, Portela specifically processed the photos of the street of Tokyo in a neon pink hue, making the images to “look like they were straight out of manga”. Inspired by the distinctive vibrancy of the noise, light, and people in Tokyo, Portela decided to recreate “the spirited sensation that visitors experience” as they first leave their footprints on this beautiful city.

Let us now immerse ourselves in the rich and vibrant palette of colours through the neon pink hued images of Tokyo landscapes by Xavier Portela below.

xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_11 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_02 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_05 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_09 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_06 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_07 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_12 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_08 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_03 xavier_portela_tokyo_glow_pink_street_inhideout_04


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