What It’s Like Inside A Pokéball?

What It's Like Inside A Pokéball?

Have you ever wondered what it is like inside a Pokéball? We all have, and our imaginations might be very similar with the snow globes created by Texas-based artist Lauren dubbed The Vintage Realm. These Pokéball terrariums give us an “insight” to what our favourite Pokémons are doing when they are caught inside Pokéballs. Each Pokéball terrarium is created with a different environment specifically made for the different type of Pokémon. For those who are interested in owning one of these Pokéball terrariums, you could contact them at their official webstore but as Lauren says, “Sorry if they are all sold out – I can’t keep up with the demand. I sell out instantly right after uploading them…” You could try your luck, but don’t expect to catch them all.

pokeball_terrarium_snowglobe_vintage_realm_inhideout_02 pokeball_terrarium_snowglobe_vintage_realm_inhideout_03 pokeball_terrarium_snowglobe_vintage_realm_inhideout_07 pokeball_terrarium_snowglobe_vintage_realm_inhideout_06 pokeball_terrarium_snowglobe_vintage_realm_inhideout_05 pokeball_terrarium_snowglobe_vintage_realm_inhideout_04 pokeball_terrarium_snowglobe_vintage_realm_inhideout_08


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